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Medical Aesthetices  >  Face & Body Contouring  >  Belkyra Belly Fat

  • Belkyra Belly Fat

  • Belkyra body contouring is an excellent alternative to liposuction surgery. Fat accumulates in this region regardless of one’s diet or workout routine. Aging and weight changes may exacerbate the condition, which is influenced by both genetics and the environment.

    To break down fat, your body relies on a naturally occurring chemical that is present in your liver. Using this bile salt, which has been refined and injected directly into the undesirable fat deposits in your body, causes the fat cells to break and dissolve away. This treatment has been used effectively and safely for the last 13 years.

    Belkyra dissolves unwanted fat cells in the belly and love handles, thighs, arms, and saddlebags, as well as the male breasts. Prior to the treatment, the skin will be numbed in order to minimize discomfort. A popular treatment area for Kybella includes the arms, thighs, upper back, hips, and stomach. Getting the optimum results may need as much as six treatments spaced four weeks apart, depending on the patient and the treatment site.


    Treatment with BELKYRA eliminates fat cells for good, so your results will last as long as you maintain your current weight.

    Bruising, swelling, and minor discomfort at the injection site are all possible side effects, but they go away on their own.

     One session takes less than an hour.

    Cellular debris from the dissolved fat enters the lymphatic and circulatory systems, where it is removed by specialized immune cells. This happens gradually, over a period of many weeks.

    Anyone who is bothered by undesirable fat pockets, does not want surgery, or works out but is not seeing the desired results is a suitable candidate for this treatment.

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