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3D Lifestyle Aesthetics & Wellness Membership Terms & Conditions

3D Lifestyle Membership Terms and conditions apply to all users who subscribe to the membership plans as posted on our website, and web application and also sold through 3D Lifestyle Spa locations. 3D Lifestyle offers more than a single membership plan and clients have to select the membership plan that fits their needs. Restrictions apply between various membership plans.


Upon payment of the 3D Lifestyle membership plan fees, benefits will become accessible. Access to discounts, promotions, and special services or treatments are included with membership. All membership fees are paid in advance prior to the start of the period of membership.

Applicants for membership must be at least 18 years of age, and those less than 18 must have parental consent.

Unless otherwise specified by 3D Lifestyle upon registration, the Membership Fee covers one month at a time and is renewed every month on the same day as the Membership start date. Each Member explicitly consents to automatic renewal of Membership and associated costs; however, a Member may opt-out of automatic renewal ten (10) days prior to the renewal date by informing 3D lifestyle and confirming the cancellation of renewals.

The Membership fee is converted into 3D Lifestyle Electronic Money and added to Member’s 3D Lifestyle Wallet which exclusively resides on 3D Lifestyle Digital Platform. Membership fees can be accumulated and used at once by the Member against any of the treatments available in a 3D Lifestyle Spa.

3D Lifestyle delivers the right to select specific services to registered participants (“Members”) in exchange for a fee, subject to various membership services as stated on the 3D Lifestyle website, 3D Lifestyle holds the right to update or change the price and features of its Memberships at its sole discretion.

3D Lifestyle has the right to periodically examine subscriptions. Members shall be notified in advance of any changes, including any increase in membership fees and (ii) any change in the date of automatic withdrawal.

Product Brands

The product brands used during treatment sessions vary based on available stock and market availability. Even if previously advertised, we cannot guarantee the availability of any product during appointment scheduling and treatment. All products are Health Canada-approved, and the patient has the option to decline treatment with a particular brand or kind of product. If the client declines treatment prior to the commencement of the procedure, the appointment is canceled and the payment is refunded in full. The 3D Lifestyle clinics are not responsible for any losses or damages that may have happened as a result of a customer canceling an appointment. After the procedure has begun, treatment payments are neither refundable in full nor in part.

Promotional Pricing

Date-specific promotions and discounts are not applicable to other dates, locations, or treatments. The promotions cannot be combined for a single individual.

The pricing or packages provided on the website and any other platforms are subject to change at any moment and without notice. Prior to receiving treatment, the patient confirms the most recent pricing of the services or packages and has the option to decline the proposed price or package.

Promotional pricing on certain treatments may not be available to members at the discretion of the spa management.

Deposit Policy

In certain conditions where the client has a high rate of last-minute cancellations, 3D Lifestyle may require a $50 payment deposit when scheduling your appointment (new or return appointments). This fee will be deducted from the total treatment cost. The complete amount of the treatment must be paid in cash, debit card, or credit card on the day of the treatment. Please refer to the confirmation email issued to you by 3D Lifestyle Clinic to see the pricing. Any payments paid for the patient’s products and services are non-refundable.

No Show Policy

Clients who do not reschedule or cancel their appointment will be marked as No Show. No Show fee will be charged as $50.00 on the Membership account or on Credit Card on File.

Termination or Suspension of Membership

3D Lifestyle retains the right to revoke or suspend a member’s membership at any time for the following reasons:

  • The member commits a violation of 3D Lifestyle.
  • If any amount owed to 3D Lifestyle by the member remains overdue for thirty days beyond the due date.
  • 3D Lifestyle has the right to keep any payments collected to compensate for any reasonable expenses incurred as a consequence of the cancellation.

Members have the right to cancel or suspend their Membership 10 days prior to their renewal date. Members can simply email and include their full name, and email and provide a request to cancel or suspend membership. 3D Lifestyle team shall provide written notice of confirmation that their membership has been canceled/ suspended.

3D Lifestyle has the right to modify, add, or remove certain services and facilities without prior notice, as well as the right to change facility hours.