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Medical Aesthetices  >  Face & Body Contouring  >  Belkyra Double Chin

  • Belkyra Double Chin

  • Belkyra is an injectable that destroys the walls of fat cells with which it comes into contact, causing them to no longer be able to store fat. When injected, it dissolves the fat-cell walls, causing the fat to vanish.

    When you get it, you get an injection of deoxycholic acid, which makes your submental fat look less noticeable.

    Cell debris turns into waste, which is then carried away by your lymph system and bloodstream and metabolized. Then your body gets rid of it.

    Deoxycholic acid is produced in your body. It’s a salt found in bile that aids with fat digestion. Belkyra is a deoxycholic acid derivative. In other words, it is created in a lab but has the same substance.

    BELKYRA eliminates fat cells when injected beneath the chin, leading to a visible reduction. If you have reached your aesthetic goal, there is no need for any more treatment. These cells can no longer store or build fat after they are destroyed.

    During your consultation appointment, our injector will assess the best location for injections. A series of injections done over the course of several sessions four to six weeks apart, including multiple injections each time, is required for successful treatment.


    It needs at least two treatments to see any results. Most people see improvements within 3 months of their third or fourth treatment.

    Up to 6 treatments may be required with treatments spaced every 4–8 weeks. 

    Complete results are quite long-lasting and no follow-up treatments are required. Normal aging changes in the skin and other neck tissues will continue. While treated fat cells are eliminated and replaced by collagen, some remain. If you gain a lot of weight, your fat cells may increase in size, giving you a round face.

    Side effects may include bruising, pain, numbness, redness, itching, warmth, hardness, tingling or burning sensation, skin tightness, nerve injury,

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