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Therapeutic Wellness  >  Massage Therapy  >   Hot and Therapeutic 3D Stone Massage

  • Hot and Therapeutic 3D Stone Massage

  • Leave the worries of a stressful day behind

    Hot stone massage, like any other massage technique, alleviates muscular discomfort. The therapeutic benefits of manipulation are made simpler by the use of heated stones, which penetrate the body profoundly. Only in the last five to ten years has hot stone massage treatment become a hot trend in spas and clinics.

    Because of their smooth surface and ability to retain heat, basalt river rocks are the most commonly used stones in stone massage. They are built of volcanic rock, which allows them to heat up faster and retain that heat longer than usual. Prior to the treatment, the stones are heated in a professional heater to temperatures ranging from 110°F to 145°F.


    • High energy levels
    • Improved Nerve function

    Good For:

    • Muscular pain
    • Tension
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Insomnia

    In addition to relieving stress, hot stone massages can also help treat and manage a variety of other health issues. In addition to relieving stress and anxiety, it has been shown to aid with depression, aching muscles, and even certain chronic diseases and pain.

    When you have a hot stone massage, you may relax even more deeply while our massage therapist works to rid your muscles of stress. Using the rocks relaxes the muscles, making them easier to work with.

    Our hot stone massage incorporates both traditional and treatment-specific massage methods. To prepare the hot stones for use, our therapist will normally position them along the spine in the middle of your back during this massage. It is possible to use the hot stones on the stomach, the feet, the chest, and even the toes and palms of your hands if necessary.


    A hot stone massage is a type of massage that involves smooth heated stones that are placed at certain pressure spots to relax the muscles and relieve stress and tension.

    Because of their composition, the stones maintain heat very effectively, relieving the muscles of any discomfort and resulting in a soothing experience for the client.

    A lot of people believe that the stones should be precisely round, but the optimum form for a stone for a hot stone massage is one that has angles and oblong curves, which allows the heat to reach the muscles.

    Hot Stone Massage is based on the same principles as Swedish Massage; however, the difference is that hot stone massage uses heated stones to promote deeper relaxation.

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