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Medical Aesthetices  >  Non Surgical Facelift & Skin Rejuvenation  >  Lip Hydration Service

  • Lip Hydration Service

  • Lip Hydration for a Hydrated, plump pout!

    We specialize in providing unparalleled lip hydration treatments. Say goodbye to dry, lackluster lips and hello to a plump, hydrated pout that is ready to make a statement. Our innovative approach to lip hydration combines cutting-edge technology with expert care to deliver results that will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

    How Does Lip Hydration Work?

    It’s a multi-step process that begins with a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and prep your lips for ultimate hydration. Next, our specialized hydration probe is used to infuse a customized blend of moisture-boosting serums into your lips. This potent combination of hydration leaves your lips feeling instantly revitalized and plumped, with a noticeable improvement in texture and radiance.

    The Perfect Pairing: Lip Hydration and Lip Fillers

    Looking for that extra oomph? Lip Hydration pairs exceptionally well with lip fillers to create luscious, kissable lips that will turn heads. The hydrating properties of the facial treatment complement the plumping effects of lip fillers, enhancing both the fullness and hydration of your lips. Our skilled technicians can discuss the option of combining these treatments to achieve your desired results, giving you a truly irresistible pout.

    How to Maintain Hydration?

    To maintain the luscious, kissable lips you desire, we recommend regular Lip Hydration treatments. The frequency of sessions may vary depending on your unique needs and goals, and our expert team will guide you on the ideal treatment plan for sustained results. With consistent care, you can enjoy beautifully hydrated lips that are always ready to steal the spotlight.

    Book Your Hydr-O2 Facial Lip Hydration Treatment Today

    Ready to give your lips the hydration they deserve? Don’t wait any longer! Book your lip hydration treatment today. Whether you’re seeking a standalone lip treatment or looking to enhance the effects of lip fillers, our expert team is here to deliver outstanding results and help you achieve the luscious, kissable lips of your dreams.


    Not at all! Our lip hydration treatment is gentle and comfortable. You might experience a slight tingling sensation as the hydration probe works its magic, but it’s completely painless.

    On average, the treatment takes around 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a quick and efficient process, making it ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

    For optimal results, we recommend a series of sessions. However, you’ll notice a visible improvement in your lip hydration even after a single treatment.

    Lip Hydration is a safe and non-invasive treatment. You may experience slight redness or temporary sensitivity immediately after the session, but it will subside quickly.

    Absolutely! Feel free to apply your favorite lip products immediately after the treatment. In fact, your lips will be even more receptive to the benefits of hydrating lip balms and lipsticks.

    The duration of the results may vary depending on individual factors and lifestyle. However, with regular maintenance treatments, you can enjoy long-lasting hydration and beautifully nourished lips.

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